A Cause Close To My Heart

Everyday I'm blessed to wake up happy and healthy. It's a gift that I never want to take for granted. Last year I spent most of my time focusing on myself. It was all about me and improving every aspect of my life. This year is different though. I want to start giving back. I want my time to have value and meaning. I want to make a difference in this world, even if it's a small one. I mentioned these plans to my sister, and not only did she support me, but she also wanted to join. She suggested with participating in a different 5K every month. I thought it was such a brilliant idea. Not only are you supporting amazing people but you're also helping spread the word. Hopefully this will just be the beginning of our new mission.

This weekend we're doing our first 5K of the year. The walk supports the Miles for Hope- Brain Tumor Foundation.

miles for hope
miles for hope

This cause is personal to me and very close to my heart. When I was two years old, my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor after having a severe seizure at home. She was only 28 years old. Fortunately, it was removed following open brain surgery. A few years later, an undersized portion of the original tumor was reproduced. Yet again, she was faced with the same ordeal. Thankfully her strength and courage prevailed and she fought through both tumors.

Back in 2000, our world changed again. Doctors gave my parents the worse news they could receive. Another tumor had grown. My mom was going to have to fight for her life once more. In contrast with the first two tumors, I was old enough to realize what was going on this time. To see your mother go through all that pain but for her, the only concern was being strong for her family, is the most heartbreaking feeling a person could have. Despite her unimaginable situation, she still managed to stay positive and resilient. The true definition of a survivor.

My beautiful mom
My beautiful mom

My mother is the most caring, compassionate and beautiful person I know. Our family is her everything. If more people were like her, this world would truly be a better place.

It is an honor to take part in this year's Miles for Hope event. If you're interested in joining our team or donating, please click here.

Event Details:

  • Moving Towards a Cure 5K Run & Survivor Walk- Orlando
  • Date: Sunday, February 2, 2014
  • Time: 8am
  • Location: University of Central Florida

Thank you for your contribution and support. Together we can make a difference!

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