1 Year Blogging Anniversary!

Wow!! I can't believe it's been a year already. It seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my 1 month anniversary, or should I say, bloggiversary!

The past year has been such an incredible journey. Made new connections with fellow bloggers, worked with a couple of brands, and even managed to score an award!

As you can see, I've changed the blog layout again. My mind is always circulating new ideas and ways to improve, so most likely you'll see more changes within the next few months. But I am proud to say that I created the website and new logo myself! Go me!

Even with the couple of breaks I took, it has always been clear in my mind that blogging is what I was meant to do and what I LOVE to do.

Here are some of my blogging highlights from 2014:

Featured in MindBodyGreen: I was beyond excited to see that one of my recipe articles was published in MindBodyGreen. I'm a huge fan and reader of this website and remember thinking how cool it would be to be on there. I put it on my vision board and within three months it happened. Such an amazing feeling!

Contributor for GreenDock: Last year I was asked to be a contributing author for the healthy/holistic living website called GreenDock. It's only a few months old, but I have a feeling it will be as huge as MindBodyGreen in no time. A few of my posts have been featured on there. Take a look!

Highest Views: I know numbers and stats shouldn't be the reason you blog, but it sure is nice to have someone on the other end reading and enjoying your work. It sometimes does feel like we're writing to ourselves, so when I see my views going up, it motivates me to keep on producing more content. My highest monthly views was 22,434 and daily views, 3,162. My goal in 2015 is to be more consistent with my writing and posting at least 2-3/week.

Won an Award: With only six months under my belt, I was awarded Top 3 Local Bloggers from Orlando Magazine's Best of Orlando 2014 edition. This has been by far, the happiest moment in my blogging journey! Hopefully more awards are in my near future.

*Speaking of awards, I was nominated for a Sunshine Blog Award 2015 and it would mean the world to me if you could vote for Metanoia Living. No need to register, just check off my name and submit. Thank you!! Vote here. You can vote with multiple devices, fyi ;)

Interviewed Annie Jaffrey: For my birthday last year, I took a trip to Dubai. While I was there, I had the opportunity to interview YouTuber and Blogger Annie Jaffrey. She was such a sweetheart and gave me great tips, not only for blogging, but for life in general. I always love connecting with positive people like her.

Charity Event: I was asked a couple of months ago to be a guest bartender for the Brides Against Breast Cancer Charity Event. The event featured local "celebrities" and personalities from the Orlando area to help raise funds for families and people with cancer. Such a fun way to give back.

Facebook Page: I started my Facebook page back in February and to this date I have almost 3,000 fans! I'm thrilled on how much it has grown. I love posting inspirational quotes and "behind the scenes" pictures of the blog on there. If you haven't liked the page, go ahead and give it a "like" ;) If you prefer Instagram, I'm on there too! :)

This post is officially my first blog post for 2015 and I can't wait to share more! I'm predicting success not only for my blog, but for you as well. In whatever dream or goal you may have, I know you can make it a reality! Good luck and go for it!

Happy New Year and Happy 1 Year to Metanoia Living!!

Posted on January 6, 2015 and filed under Blogging.