5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself This Winter


Living in Florida, we hardly ever experience freezing Winter temperatures. It's mostly sunshine and beautiful weather throughout the year. But the few days it does get cold, I tend to always get sick. The drastic change in weather always affects my immune system and energy levels. And that's never fun! I try to take care of myself so I can be 100% for work, family and friends.

Here are 5 ways to care of yourself (and family) this winter:



Don't wait until you get sick. Be proactive and load of up on supplements and vitamins and make sure you eat  foods that are high in antioxidants. Just like a healthy diet, exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. 



Whenever I'm feeling under the weather, I love making myself a nice cup of hot tea with honey. Not only is it super easy and fast to make but it also has a soothing taste. Pour hot water in a mug, then add an herbal teabag and 2 tsp. of honey. To help loosen congestion and tightness in your chest, sip the tea while inhaling the steam from the cup. Although hot tea with honey is not an alternative to prescription medication, it may temporarily reduce cold and flu symptoms.


Getting the proper amount of sleep is important any time of the year, not only during Winter. Good sleeping habits will help fight off a cold and even increase your resistance to catching one in the first place. As simple as it may sound, rest is an important and effective way to stay healthy.


Your body needs extra hydration when you’re trying to get well. Try to stay away from sodas, sports drinks and alcohol. Instead, fuel your body with fluids that are good for you, such as water, warm tea and soup. Light soups and broths give you the calories needed when you may not have much of an appetite.


Having plenty of Kleenex at home is always a must- whether I'm sick or not. Kleenex is my favorite brand when it comes to tissues. I've tried other brands before and the texture and softness are never the same.  


I love the Ultra Soft Kleenex boxes. They always have the cutest designs and they're the perfect size to keep in my car and bathroom.

Besides looking and feeling nice, the active ingredients in the middle Kleenex layer disrupts the viruses’ protective coating and kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes!


Kleenex has a moisture activated blue dot layer with special anti viral formula that not only does the job of killing germs but is soft to the touch!

I can blow my nose or even remove makeup without irrating my skin. 


I purchased America’s softest ultra tissue at my local Walmart. It's conveniently located in the Facial Tissue aisle and there are various sizes for all your needs. 

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Kleenex at Walmart

How do you take care of yourself this season?