6 Week Weight Loss Challenge!

Before I begin, I should probably post some type of disclaimer. So here goes: I am NOT a personal trainer (which is quite obvious) or any type of doctor (we're going with a "duh!" on this one as well) so whatever I post is MY own personal experience. It will be based on the knowledge I have and the research I've done, so please do NOT perform or consume anything that you do not feel comfortable with.

Now with that out of the way, let's begin, shall we!


Reason for the 6 Week Challenge:

The past few weeks I've been all over the place with my diet. One day I'll be super strict, like brown rice, lean protein and vegetables type of diet, and the other days I'll be on the "I don't give a- you know what -diet", which mostly consists of eating anything and everything in sight... plus dessert! Most of the time, it's the latter diet. I just love food! Unfortunately, my jeans don't always agree with this obsession love, hence why I'm doing this 6 week challenge.

I decided to do the challenge through the blog for one simple reason:


This word is probably the reason most people (including myself) have a hard time losing weight. If I cheat or gain weight, I don't have to answer to anyone. It stays between me and my scale. But, when you have to report to someone else, when you feel a level of pressure, it tends to change how you think and act. This is why accountability is one of the most important factors in losing weight, or changing any behavior. I believe that if I have someone helping me and holding me accountable through this process, I will most likely reach my desired goal.

How it's going to work:

Each Monday, I will weigh myself and take a picture of the scale. The results, as well as a weekly progress report, will be posted every Tuesday. I will share the activities I've done, most of the foods I've consumed, and products I've used that I find worthy of you giving a try. I'd like for this to be a group effort, so if you can, next week please comment below with any tips, advice, or even struggles that you may have. You can also post how much weight you've lost each week. Don't worry about sharing how much you weigh, just what you've lost will be fine. That way, we can motivate each other to stay on track.


February 18- April 1st (6 weeks)

Are you interested yet?? Hope so!!

Now onto the fun part (for you, not me)


                        Starting Numbers:               

  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Body Fat: 28 %
  • Muscle: 76.7 lbs


  • Weight: 103 lbs (don't ask me why, I just like that number)
  • Body Fat: 18 %
  • Muscle: 80 lbs? (not really sure how to determine this)
  • Lose 12lbs in 6 weeks; 2lbs/week- healthy rate

Before I go on any further, I know what you're probably thinking... 115lbs and she wants to lose weight??? It might seem like a low number, but I forgot to mention that I'm only 5'1 and have a small frame. Based on my height, my ideal weight is between 95-116lbs. I figured 103 would be a happy median- not trying to be underweight, just slimmer.

Below you can find where you fall within the chart and see what healthy range corresponds to you.



At the end of the day, a number doesn't define you. If you're healthy and happy with the way you look, then more power to you! I personally would like to feel better in my clothes and be healthier. I'm not too worried about the number on the scale. My main concern is to lower my body fat % and to tone up.

Hopefully you will join me on this 6 Week Challenge. We can encourage each other and be the motivating support group that we all need.

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Let the challenge begin!!