6 Week Weight Loss Challenge: Week #1

I don't know about you, but for me, this week went by really fast. Only 5 more weeks left of the challenge! If you haven't yet joined, it's not too late. There will be tips given by me and by some of the participants in the comment section, so you don't want to miss out. I'm going to go ahead and get this part out of the way . The first week results are in...dun dun dun.


I was pleased with the results. I didn't lose the 2 lbs that I had originally wanted, but that's ok. I decreased my body fat % and increased muscle mass, which are the numbers that truly matter. Don't get discouraged if the scale didn't reflect the weight you had hoped for. Even if you lost half a pound, that is still half a pound lost. Slow progress is better than no progress, remember that!

Here are some the tips that helped me lose weight this week and could help you as well:

  1. Have support from family and friends: This first step is crucial in you achieving your weight loss goal. Ideally, it would be helpful if the people you lived with also committed to healthy eating, so your chances of cheating are much less, but if that is not possible, their support will also make a big difference. We've all experienced the "C'mon, one bite won't hurt you!" line before. And it's true, one bite won't make you gain 5 lbs on the spot, but what it will do, is derail the will power you've worked on increasing all week. Solution: Kindly ask them to respect and support you on this journey. You can't do it alone.
  2. Don't make drastic changes: This was the first week, you can't expect to change all of your bad habits overnight. You want to gradually start removing and replacing your old habits, that way, you can stick to it. I learned this from experience. I used to kill myself at the gym and only eat a salad the first day of my diet. What that caused, was for me to give up the following day. Baby steps, in this case, is actually better than giant drastic changes.
  3. conwaterbottle
  4. Increase water intake: I know we've all heard this before, but it's true, water needs to become your new best friend. I carry my water bottle with meat all times. If it's in front of me, I'm more likely to drink out of it. Before I know it, I've consumed my water intake for the day.Todetermine the amount of ounces you need to drink in a day, divide your weight by 2. Example, I weigh around 114 lbs, so half of that is 57. I have to drink a minimum of 57 ounces of water per day. My water bottle holds 24 ounces, so I normally will drink about three of those. Purchase any type of bottle and startdrinkingsomeH20!
  5. quinoa
  6. Portion control: This is an ongoing struggle! I have to keep reminding myself that a little girl like me should not be eating like a 250 lbs man! To avoid this dilemma, I try to measure everything I eat. It's actually not as annoying as it sounds. Instead of serving yourself with a spoon, use a measuring cup. Easy! Also, if you go out to eat, only eat half of the portion served. Trust me, you'll still be satisfied and you'll save yourself a ton of calories. Tip: Ask your server for a to-go box as soon as your food comes and immediately put half of the meal away, it will prevent you from overeating.
  7. friendworkout
  8.  Get moving: This is another area that I need to work on.Ilackmotivation to workout. I actually hate it,to be honest! But I know that if I want to see results, I have to get my body involved in some type of movement. I decided to join my friend in her workout. This actuallyturnedoutto be a lot of fun! We did intervals in the treadmill of walking and running. After 30 minutes of cardio, we grabbed some dumbbells and worked out our arms, then used them for squats. After 45 minutes of torture, we treated ourselves to a healthy smoothie. If you're like me and find going to the gym boring, grab a friend and go together. It will make your workouts more enjoyable and for me, it was an added girl time!

Here are some of the meals that I ate during the week. As you can see, I eat normal meals, just smaller portions.


I typically eat rice every single day. I can't live without it! But instead of having white rice, I switched it to brown rice. Which is just as delicious. I buy Della Organic Basmati Brown Rice. I used to eat a cup of rice- now I only eat 1/4 cup, which is sufficient, no need for more. You can also give Quinoa a try. Both are great substitutes and better for you.

Yesterday I incorporated a quick and easy daily workout, a 3 Step Butt workout (because who doesn't want a nice looking butt??) I do this every morning when I wake up and right before I go to bed.


I look forward to hearing from you guys and how your week went. Make sure you subscribe to the blog and comment below with your progress and tips.

Keep up the good work!! Here's to another successful week!

Update: Many of you have asked about my scale. The brand is Taylor, model 5761SF. Unfortunately, I don't think they make this kind anymore- or at least I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I found one online in Target that is similar.

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