7 Tips for Glowing Skin

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We're always at a constant battle to keep our skin looking and feeling our best. From the latest beauty product to the newest (and sometimes crazy) anti-aging fad- we all want beautiful youthful skin.

Proper skincare and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems.

Here are 7 tips that you can easily incorporate to your daily routine that will help you in achieving glowing skin:

Drink Water: We all know the benefits of drinking water. Yet most of us struggle with drinking the required minimum 8 glasses a day. I know I do. Water intake is extremely important for our overall health. It aids in digestion, circulation, and absorption of nutrients. Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining the optimum skin moisture and essential nutrients to the skin cells. The best way for me to remember to drink water, is to carry my water bottle at all times. If I see it, I’m prone to drink it.

Drinking Water

Avoid Harmful Rays:  The sun is a great source for vitamin D. However, the ideal time for catching some rays is only between 7am to 9am. After that time, the UV rays are too strong and can damage the texture of your skin and may cause skin cancer. Living in Florida, the summers are brutal. The sun is strong no matter the time of day. I sometimes even try avoid going outside so I won’t feel like I’m melting. Taking Sundown Naturals® gummy vitamins has been a healthy alternative to getting my Vitamin D intake and avoiding the sun. Each serving provides 2,000IU of Vitamin D3 that also helps in supporting my immune system◊.

Sundown Naturals Adult Gummy Vitamins

Daily Dose of Vitamin C and Biotin:  As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps neutralize harmful free radicals in cells. Biotin, as most of us have probably read before, supports beautiful healthy hair, skin and nails. Sundown Naturals® Orange Flavored Vitamin C and Biotin 1000 Mcg, available in natural Grape, Orange and Cherry flavors, provide a delicious alternative to daily vitamins intake. Plus, their formula also supports energy metabolism for a busy lifestyle. I make sure to never miss a day of taking both of these Sundown Naturals® adult vitamin gummies.

Sundown Naturals Adult Gummy Vitamins

Detoxification: Dullness of the skin, pimples and acne are often caused by excessive accumulation of toxins and waste products in the body. It is important to flush out these impurities from our bodies and keep our digestive system regular.

Sundown Natuals Probiotic Adult Gummy Vitamins

Remove Makeup: I’ve been guilty of being too tired to take my make up off before going to sleep. But going to bed without removing your makeup is one of the worst things you can do for the complexion of your skin.  At night, the skin’s most important function is to renew itself. Wearing makeup and foundation at night disrupts and prevents the renewal process, causing damage and negative effects to your skin, such as clogged pores, wrinkles, and breakouts. Also, just as bad: Not properly cleaning your make-up brushes. Make sure you clean your brushes at least every two weeks. The last thing your face needs is oil, dirt or bacteria from your dirty brushes. No thank you!

Tip: Give your skin some rest! According to skincare experts, going completely make-up free for two days a week can result in younger, healthier looking skin in under a month.

Removing makeup before sleep

Exfoliate:  Regular cleanings and exfoliation are an integral part of fighting the war on aging.  Exfoliating removes dead surface skin cells and allows the natural repair process to occur. The increase of cell turnover helps reveal newer and healthier skin cells. Added bonus: it decreases blackheads, minimizes hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and adds an all-over healthy glow. When I scrub my face, I make sure that I’m gently massaging my skin using light pressure. Scrubbing too hard can cause irritation. I limit exfoliating only twice a week and avoid washing my face with hot water. The heat and over exfoliating can strip your skin form it’s essential oils.

Beauty Sleep:  Getting a good night’s rest can do wonders for your skin. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin will definitely show it. During deep sleep, the rise in growth hormones allows damaged cells to become repaired. Without the deeper phases of sleep, this process won't occur, allowing daily small breakdowns to accumulate instead of being reversed overnight. This results in more noticeable signs of aging. I try and go to bed at 10:30pm every night. Key word is try. It’s something I know I need to improve on- especially since I’m not in my 20’s anymore. Best way to catch some zzz is to turn off your T.V and phone. It really does help in shutting off your mind and resting your body.

I’ve never been a fan of ingesting bulky pills. Luckily, now I take Sundown Naturals® adult gummy vitamins. They are delicious and 100% Gluten/Wheat Free, Dairy/Lactose Free and contain no artificial flavors◊.

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