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As an avid tea drinker, I always love experimenting and trying out new flavors. My preference always seems to go with the light soothing teas.

I particularly enjoy green tea the most. It's my favorite! 

When possible, I try to swap out drinking cold drinks during lunch, for warm green tea instead. Drinking something warm after your meal helps with digestion and has many great health benefits.

I recently discovered Buddha Teas when they sent a couple of their teas to sample.

I love how they pride themselves on presenting their customers with a wide variety of pure herbal teas and tea blends that are packaged in bleach free tea bags with no extra ingredients, so that you'll be getting the most out of every cup of tea. 

With Buddha Teas you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised by the pure quality of tea you'll be receiving.

I received their Saffron & Green Tea and Solar Plexus Chakra blend.


Saffron & Green Tea: The combination of saffron and green tea provides more than a sensational tea blend. Put together, these two natural ingredients provide an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Saffron is a natural source of riboflavin and folic acid, along with protein, essential fatty acids and crude fiber. Green tea is well known for offering countless nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and manganese. It is also a natural source of alkaloids, amino acids, flavonoids, and its primary catechin, EGCG. Naturally, this tea also offers a variety of antioxidants.

Solar Plexus Chakra: The solar plexus chakra, known as manipura, is the center of our emotional being. This chakra affects the will, self-control and perception of one’s self. It is located above the navel, and is represented by the color yellow. When balanced, the solar plexus chakra helps to ease frustration and tension, calm feelings of anger and improve natural intuition. Meditation on this chakra focuses upon the phrase “I do”.

I actually combined both teas together for an infusion blend and loved it! I found that it added another dimension to the flavor.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Buddha Teas has a good variety selection, such as green, black, herbal, speciality, premium, and chakras teas.

The newest addition to their product line, is the Chakra Tea blends- which infuses herbs with Crystal Energy to balance the 7 chakras.

Not only did I enjoy the teas, but I loved their website as well. It's filled with useful information about their products, as well as tips and advice for living a healthier and mindful lifestyle.