Need A Last-Minute Appetizer Idea? Create A Cheese Board!

Whenever I have friends over or need a last-minute appetizer idea, I always resort to making a cheese board.

Everyone loves cheese and pairing it with crackers or bread is always a crowd pleaser. For the ingredients, I typically just use whatever I have available that day in my kitchen. Making a cheese board is pretty straightforward and there is no right or wrong way to create them. The ingredients are based on your taste and what you would like to serve to your guests.

Cheese Board

I love olives and often eat them alone as a snack. Pearls® Specialties offers a variety of stuffed olives that would add refined touch to any cheese board without spending too much.

Pearls® Specialties
Pearls® Specialties

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a cheese board. There are so many different kinds of cheeses to choose from, but I would recommend including both a soft and hard cheese.

My favorites for soft are Brie and Goat cheese. I found a cranberry goat cheese that is the most delicious cheese I've ever had! Every time I serve it for my guests, they rave about it! Try to find it at your local grocery store and serve it to your friends at your next get together. Trust me; you'll thank me! 

Cheese Board

I normally like to add some fruit as well- typically either strawberries or grapes but I've seen figs on cheese boards. Figs look nice and would probably taste delicious with the cheese since it's sweet.  

Cheese Board with Grapes

I love adding multigrain crackers because they're a perfect size and go great with any type of cheese. You can also add tortilla chips or bread- depending on the different ingredients and flavors on the board. 

Nuts and meats are always a great addition as well. 

When it comes to olives, I would include both green and dark olives to add a nice contrast in flavors and color. The three Pearls® Specialties I used for my board were the Pitted Kalamata, Garlic Stuffed Olives and Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.

Accompany with your favorite wine with these delectable olives will add a fancy touch to your next get-together or Spring celebration!

Cheese Board

You can purchase Pearls® Specialties on Amazon or at your local supermarket.

Have you made a cheese board before? Let me know your favorite ingredients so I can add them to my next board!