Desert Dreaming in Dubai

How could I even begin to describe my trip to Dubai! It was everything I envisioned and more.

Nothing short of magical.

During our stay in Dubai, my family and I decided to venture out of the city and do some Dubai Desert exploring. I've been to a desert before, the Sahara Desert in Morocco, but was still as excited as if it were my first time.

There is something so peaceful and beautiful in being surrounded by a sea of nothing but sand. Something I recommend everyone doing once in their lifetime.

Being able to share this experience with my family made it that much more special.

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I've always wanted to go Dune Bashing. It looked like so much fun and something different to do. Little did I know, it was going to be the most scariest car ride of my life! I honestly thought we were going to roll over and die!

Ok, I'm exaggerating, maybe not die- but it was definitely a terrifying experience. 

All that movement actually made me sick and nauseous! Luckily, the scenery made up for it.

I tried to capture what it felt like being tossed around in the desert, but obviously the video doesn't do it justice. At least you'll be able to hear our screams! Ha!

After playing in the sand, it was time for our dinner and belly dancing show.

My dad wanted to be cool and get his very own turban.

DSC00782 (2).JPG

If you ask me, I think he succeeded. 

He looked very cool! :)

Posted on January 29, 2015 and filed under Travel.