Halloween Themed Chips and Guac

Whenever I think of Halloween, I immediately envision fun Halloween parties. My favorite appetizer, and one that everyone loves, is chips and guac! Keeping with the theme, I wanted to transform this delicious appetizer into a scary monster with a fun twist.

Besides salsa, another great companion for chips and guac is cheese! And the Mini Babybel® kind is the perfect shape for the eyes for the guacamole monster!

Making the guac monster is super quick and easy. If you have kids, this would be a fun dish for them to create. 


• Mini Babybel® Cheese
• Black Olives
• Guacamole
• Blue Corn Toritlla Chips
• Red Chili Jelly


1. Set up station for easy assembly
2. Spread guacamole in any shape serving dish or plate
3. Cut Mini Babybel®  cheese in half (keeping circle shape)
4. Cut black olives in both circle and line shape
5. Place cheese, jelly and olives on top of the guacamole to form the eyes
6. Place tortilla chips above eyes

Halloween Themed Chips and Guac ingredients
Babybel Cheese and Black Olives

For a limited time, Target is selling Halloween themed Mini Babybel® cheeses featuring favorite characters on their packaging. 

The monster guac and chips is a fun and healthy dish to serve at your next Halloween party. If you want an even more healthier option, the Mini Babybel® Light version with 50% less fat, would work perfectly with the recipe as well.

Both the Mini Babybel® Original and Mini Babybel® Light are made with 100% real cheese and are a good source of calcium and protein.

I found the Mini Babybel® in the cheese section at my local Target. These wholesome, nutrient-rich, all natural cheeses are perfect for on the go snacking or parties!

What recipes do you create for Halloween??