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I'd been searching for mala bracelets for a few months now, but without any luck. If you search for mala beads online, you'll come across hundreds of them. All different types and colors. But everything I found was either too big, ugly color or just didn't have the certain look I wanted.

My search ended when Lisa from Karmic Blessings sent me a few mala inspired bracelets.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they came in my size.

I have tiny wrists, so it's always difficult to find accessories that fit me properly. Luckily, Karmic Blessing offers an XS- 5' size- which is perfect for me.

mala beads

Malas are universal because they can be used by anyone interested in seeking balance and harmony in their lives.

Malas can be utilized to focus on the present moment and assist in reaching a deeper, more spiritual and satisfying place in one's life. They can be used during prayer, meditation, or worn daily.

mala beads

Karmic Blessing's bracelets are inspired by traditional Malas, also known as Buddhist prayer beads, which are used as counting tools when repeating mantras during meditation.

Today, mala beads are popular not only with Buddhists but with yogis and the spiritual as well.  Some individuals simply wear a mala to remind themselves to remain mindful and focused with positive intent.

mala beads

You may be attracted to the symbolism behind the stones or just simply to the design and style- either way, there is so much beauty in how and why you choose your Mala.

These are the Mala Inspired Intention Bracelets that I chose:

Sky Jasper & Tiger Eye:Sky Jasper is a protection stone that balances energy.  It eases emotional stress and brings feelings of happiness.  Tiger Eye, used for the solar plexus chakra, it is a good fortune stone that aides with mental clarity.

Sandalwood:It attracts positive energy, is uplifting and promotes tranquility.  It is often used in meditation.

Brecciated Jasper:  Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality.  Used for the Root Chakra, it clears negative energy and promotes health and healing.

Dragon Blood Jasper Grounds spiritual energy.  It enhances life force, courage, and strength.

mala beads

When you order from Karmic Blessings not only will you receive stunning and beautifully handmade mala bracelets, but you can be assured that every bracelet is made with love and attention to detail by owner Lisa.

You can read her story on how she founded Karmic Blessings here.

Malas can be used as a beautiful visible reminder to be more conscious of certain aspects in one's life or serve as a creative way to express your soul's intentions.

Thank you again Karmic Blessings for my mala bracelets, I absolutely adore them!

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