Taking a break and exploring new flavors with Liberté Yogurt

Being a full-time student and blogger can sometimes make me feel overwhelmed with all the endless tasks and deadlines presented every day.

Since I found myself getting stressed and irritable, I decided to research ways to help me get through my day without feeling burnt out. I came across the Pomodoro Technique. This simple shift has completely improved my productivity and has actually made my assignments and work more enjoyable. This technique involves working in intervals of 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between.

In those 5 minutes, I either stretch, take a quick walk or do my favorite thing...have a snack.

Recently my new go to snack has been Liberté Ecuadorian Mango Yogurt.

When selecting yogurt, I tend to pick strawberry or strawberry banana flavors. They seem to be the ones that taste the best, in my opinion. But this time, I decided to be adventurous and try something completely different.

I was torn between the Liberté Ecuadorian Mango and the Liberté Phillippine Coconut flavor. Both looked so good!

I typically love coconut anything but wanted to try the mango flavor first since I've never had it in yogurt before. Mangos are one of my favorite fruits so I had high hopes the Liberté Ecuadorian Mango wouldn't disappoint.

And it didn't!

I loved the smooth creamy consistency and how refreshing the Ecuadorian Mango was. It was sweet but not overly sweet. It would be a great option for a quick breakfast-as is or in a smoothie, in-between meal snacking or even as dessert.

Besides winning me over with the delicious taste, I love that Liberté has partnered with Organic Valley and is now all organic.

Love their new mission and commitment to their products.

When you know what’s right,
that’s what you do.

"We believe that organic dairy makes a superior product, but that’s just one of the reasons why we made the transition to organic. Organic dairy is also better for the environment, better for the cows it comes from, and better for the farmers who bring it to us. It’s a win-win – and who doesn’t like to win?"

Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, make sure to stop what you're doing, take a deep breath and take a quick 5 minute break. Your body and mind will thank you.

If you're looking for a companion during your break, make sure to bring along a Liberté yogurt! You can find them at your local Publix supermarket. Check out their savings coupon here.

Have you tried Liberté? Let me know what's your favorite flavor. I'm excited to try them all!