A Little Vitamin D


I spend most of my time indoors, whether it's working on my blog or school assignments, I always find myself behind a desk- which can sometimes be boring. But I found that if I allow myself a few 15 minute breaks throughout the day, I become more productive and motivated.

For most of those breaks, I go outside.

This morning I decided to do my meditation in my front yard, instead of my usual meditation corner in my room. The day was just too pretty not to enjoy it.


Feeling the sun beaming on my face and breathing in fresh air, really changes my outlook.

We live in a world that sometimes makes it difficult for us to be present. We are constantly filled with distractions that take away from fully enjoying the important things in life.

You'd be surprised what a little vitamin D and putting aside a few minutes each day to be quiet with your thoughts does for your emotional state.

This week, make an effort to detach yourself from what you're doing and go outside for some alone time. This means, no cell phone (social media)- just you, the sun and your thoughts. Even if it's only five minutes, you'll feel energized and more focused to take on your tasks and day.

Posted on July 28, 2014 and filed under Mind & Body.