How the LivingWith™ Mobile App Helps Manage Life With Cancer

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Cancer was something I never thought would play a role in my life. We all know about it, hear about it and, for some of us, we know someone who has lost their battle with it. But never did I think cancer would take someone I love from me. I can now include myself in that group.

When my aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year, it didn’t seem real. Especially during the first few months. My aunt was her happy, positive self and continued with her daily routine as if nothing was happening to her body. Her cancer didn’t become “real” until her last three months. I could see how this debilitating disease was taking over her body. Everything from her physical appearance to her personality changed drastically. 

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Naturally, people worry about the patient, but they often forget about the family or people around them. I saw firsthand how my cousin and uncle rose to the challenge of taking care of my aunt. It’s not an easy task being a caretaker—it’s much harder when you’re family because your heart is so heavily invested.

There are so many things to keep track of and most of the time it’s difficult to keep them all in order.

Luckily, there is an app to help make life easier during this difficult time.

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Pfizer launched This Is Living With Cancer™, a national awareness program that includes a free mobile app called LivingWith™. It is designed to help manage some of the daily challenges faced by people living with cancer.

Unfortunately, my aunt passed away before I could use this app. With so many things juggling through your mind, it’s nice to have an app with several features designed to help you manage your life with cancer.

One of the challenges my cousin faced was keeping track of all the appointments and medications my aunt was taking. With just one app, you can access recorded notes from doctor visits and view important documents, such as medication details and test results.

Another helpful feature is that you can send requests to family and friends for help with meals, rides and other support. Something as small as having a nice cooked meal delivered to the home makes a huge difference and is something I know my cousin greatly appreciated. It was one less thing to worry about, and her full focus could be on my aunt—not cooking.

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Although my heart is broken that my aunt is no longer with us, I can honestly say I’m a better person for having gone through this experience. I appreciate life so much more and value the relationships in my life. Life is so precious and can be taken when you least expect it.

I wish I could turn back time and have taken more pictures with my aunt or visited her more, but at least I was with her every single day leading up to her last breath.

I’ve learned so much from seeing my cousin take care of her, and I’m prepared if cancer should strike again in my family. With anything in life, being prepared and knowledgeable will help you navigate through these hard times. 


The LivingWith™ mobile app is a great resource for anyone going through cancer. With so many fears, questions or concerns racing through your mind, it’s great to have something that will help you through it all.

For more information and to download the LivingWith™ mobile app, please visit Patients and their loved ones also can find the initiative on Facebook and Instagram

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