My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Oh Instagram, how I love you!!

If I had to choose my favorite social media, it would be Instagram hands down! Not only is it visually appealing but it's so easy to use and I find the most inspiration through that platform.

I normally post inspirational quotes, traveling pictures and food- so naturally those are the type of accounts I like to follow. I could easily spend hours just scrolling and daydreaming about all those things!

These are my favorite 10 Instagram accounts that you should definitely check out:

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1) @WorldWanderlust: Brooke Saward is a 23 year-old Australian Travel Blogger that makes a living roaming around and exploring the world. What's more impressive is that she travels alone and takes the most stunning pictures all by herself!

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2) @Thiagomlcorrea: I have no idea who this guy is, but all I know is that he's Brazilian, young and absolutely crazy!! Thanks to his GoPro and Drone, his pictures and videos are unreal! Makes you want to be his friend and go on one of his crazy adventures!

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3) @MimiIkonn: I started following Mimi over a year ago and by far she's the most positive, motivating and inspirational account I follow. Not only is her Instagram a dream but her YouTube channel and blog is a must see as well! I had the pleasure of meeting Mimi last month and she's such a sweet soul and someone I look up to. Hopefully one day I will follow in her footsteps!

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4) @MotivationWall: The name represents exactly what the account is all about- pure motivation! Motivation for healthy and mindful living. Liz, the girl who runs the page, has such a cute personality, which shines through her posts. If you want to follow a feel good account, then definitely give this one a like!

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5) @Marc_Fitt: I don't think I have to explain why I follow this guy. I mean, just look at him!! To be honest, I started following Marc for his chiseled body and good looks, but then I started actually reading his captions under his pictures and I got to see what a remarkable human being he really is. At only 23 years old, he has managed to build a fitness empire that has inspired millions of followers worldwide! Not only is he hot, but he's extremely hard working, driven and is a positive role model for anyone wanting to improve their life. Total package right there- too bad he has a girlfriend... boo!

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6) @RachParcell: If you follow blogs, then you already know who Rach Parcell is. She's the girl behind the blog, Pink Peonies and is one of the top and most influential fashion bloggers out there. And by just looking at her blog and Instagram, you'll immediately know why. Her wardrobe and lifestyle is an absolute dream!

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7) @RosieLondoner: If you like food, traveling and a witty sense of humor, then Rosie's Instagram account is for you!! She's the funny blogger behind The Londoner- the first blog I ever followed. Her food posts will have you drooling and the trips she takes will have you lusting to travel the world. What more could you ask for? A cute little dog maybe? Well she has one named Custard!! Adorable!

8) @HealthyXJessX: Jessica is a 21 year old yoga teacher that lives in Dubai. Her Instagram is filled with yoga poses, tutorials, and motivation. She recently started learning to do Pole Fitness, so it's fun to see a cool way of getting in shape that involves similar yoga movements. Even if you're not into yoga or fitness, at least you'll be able to appreciate the beautiful backdrops that showcases the beautiful city of Dubai.

9) @ShayM: Shay Mitchell is mostly known for starring in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars- but I must confess, I've never seen that show. I don't know too much about her but her Instagram is one of the best ones out there. Her account showcases her passion for blogging, traveling and food! Umm, can we be best friends??

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10) @ThinkGrowProsper: There are two types of people in this world. People who love inspirational quotes and people who can't stand them. I'm one of those that LOVES reading and being surrounded by uplifting quotes! I believe in the law of attraction and having a positive mentality. If you're like me, then you'll really enjoy this account!

What Instagram accounts do you love and recommend? Let me know in the comments below and follow me at @MetanoiaLiving :)

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