Making Health a Priority with Nokia Body+ Scale

At the beginning of the year, I made it a mission to make health a priority in my life. I've always struggled to maintain a consistent weight. My weight seems to always fluctuate between 5-15lbs. The constant yo-yo is not good for my body or self-esteem.

With the help of Nokia Health, yes, Nokia, the brand that brought me my first phone, I'm confident I'll achieve my weight loss goal this year!

If you're trying to get healthy as well, here are a few weight loss tips to help you through your weight loss journey:



When it comes to losing weight, it really is a marathon, not a sprint. Most of us would love to lose 20lbs in 2 weeks, but that is neither realistic or healthy. The road to success is challenging and painful at times, but the reward at the end is worth it. Making slow positive changes is better than doing a complete 180 and giving up after a week. Know that weight loss will take time, but if you stick to it, the weight will stay off longer, and your mind and body will thank you for it. Instead of setting a big number goal, set small attainable weekly goals. I'd rather focus on losing 1-2lbs a week then stress about 30 lbs in a few months. Makes the journey less overwhelming. 



As someone who has been on countless diets and has failed most of them, the best advice I can give is to figure out what works for you. We're all different; there is no one size fits all for weight loss.

For me, keeping track of my food intake with points, not eating after 7 pm, increasing my water intake, exercising 3x/week and limiting my social outings is the best way I lose weight. The social aspect makes the most impact on my diet. I know my self-control is not the greatest- especially in the beginning stages of my weight loss journey, so I limit my social interactions. It might seem extreme, but going out usually means drinking alcoholic beverages and eating unhealthy high-calorie food. I'd rather avoid those tempting situations until the second month, where my willpower is stronger because I know I'll likely cheat. Then I slowly start attending events or get-togethers, always being mindful of what I consume though.

Research a program or healthy diet that works well for your personality and lifestyle- this will help you successfully lose weight.



With anything in life, consistency is key! I know it's easier said than done because I struggle with this concept as well. But it really comes down to consistently making better choices. Only eating salads and living at the gym is also not the answer. You need to learn to balance and practice moderation. I love the 80/20 rule, where you eat healthy 80% of the time and the other 20% you're not as strict. This rule helps you stay more consistent in achieving your weight loss goal because it makes eating healthy more attainable.



Stepping on the scale can be a scary and daunting task, but in my opinion, it shouldn't be. You can't plan or set a goal if you don't know where you are exactly. The number on the scale represents your starting point. From there you can then determine your weekly goals and plan accordingly. 

Having the proper tools to track your weight is extremely important. No scale is 100% accurate in calculating your exact body weight because various factors can affect it, but having the right scale, such as the Nokia Body+ scale can and will help track your progress. 

While people focus on weight, full body composition helps you know what goes into that number, so you can pinpoint your efforts.

An Ideal Weight Loss Companion:

High-accuracy weight and full body composition is just the beginning. This Nokia Body+ Scale coaches, rewards, and records all your data automatically. And with tools at hand such as trend screens and nutrition tracking, you can set goals — and achieve them!

A great and benefital feature of this scale is their app, Health Mate. 

Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. With your history available 24/7, you can see what works, reinforce positive behaviors and stay focused on your goals.

Not only is this Nokia scale stylish, but it's user friendly and effortlessly tracks your weight loss journey and progress all in one place.

Learn more about the Nokia Body+ Scale, a well as purchase it here.

What are your tips or healthy routines for maintaining your ideal weight?